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Get info on upcoming movies: Chato's Land (Remake), The Inheritance, Silicon Valley, Manny & Lewis, Emergency Responders, Jack Swade, The Long Riders, Wagon Train, Dark Secrets in New Orleans, Vampire: The Mascarade, Affairs of The Heart, Deadly Woman, The Trinidadian Connection, The Orangeburg Massacre, The Sands of Kilimanjaro, Tough Guys Wear Black, Hero Unknown, Together Forever, The Armorbearer, The Accused, Heroes For Hire, Unsung, Unsung Heroes, True Heroes, Guinness Record Breakers, First 48, April Moon, Riddick Returns, The Maine, I-Die, Lockness, The Twilight Zone Revisited, White Heat (Remake), My Brother From Another Mother, Gangsta Lean, Mad Stan, Moving On, The Champion, The Favor, The Unlikely Hero, The Kremlin Letter (Remake), The Killers (Remake), The Odd Couple, Flash Gordon (Remake), Professor Moriarty, The New Exhibit, Catching Jack The Ripper, The Comeback Man, The Mac Daddy, Bat Masterson, Big Mac, Straight Mack'in, Return of The Mac Daddy, Forever Mack'in, Heroes Don't Get Dead, The Howling Man, Mack 'On, Army of One, The Movers, Mullins & Mason, The Possession, Dark Days, Mr. Finch, Lowrider, Cannon, Have Gun Will Travel, and The Forgotten... Upcoming Movies & More Coming Soon to Cinemas near you, and retail release dates, trailers, reviews and -

Upcoming Movies:

"Wagon Train" movie casting; starring Sam Elliot & Matt Gagston
Upcoming Movie- Based on the Classic Western TV Series:

Wagon Train TV Show Cast Members Wagon Train: The Television Series

Mission Impossible 5 (2014) MOVIECBS-Milogo.jpg

-The New Movie will Finally be based on the classic MissionImpossible tv series (in final tribute to Peter Graves); with special appearances from co-stars: Ving Rhames, Matt Gagston (as William "Willy" Armitage), Peter Graves (filmed before he died); as The Director of C.I.A & the father of Jim Phelps- Gregory Phelps (who creates a conspiracy, using former IMF agents; thought to be dead or missing, to seek out and kill Ethan Hunt for the death of his Son- Jim... More New Cast members: Grant Collier (played by actor- Greg Morris's real-life son, Phil Morris), is also an IMF agent; -The son of Barnard "Barney" Collier, Adam Nimoy (Leonard Nimoy's real-life son); as Justin Hand (son of Rollin Hand), Minka Kelly; as "Lesley Warren", Katy Perry; as Cinnamon Carter, (including an opening scene with the original cast members from the 1st Mission Impossible (1995) Movie!!!)

Starring Tom Cruise ; of course, returns as Ethan Hunt

New IMF Characters introduced into The Movie Sequel:

Matt Gagston; as William "Willy" Armitage (Super Soldier/Spy left for dead by the original IMF team, before Ethan Hunt took command, and blames Ethan for leaving him behind during an covert mission; they were once friends and served together as Navy Seals)..

Peter Graves (filmed before he died); as The Director of C.I.A & the father of Jim Phelps- Gregory Phelps (who creates a conspiracy, using former IMF agents; thought to be dead or missing, to seek out and kill Ethan Hunt for the death of his Son- Jim...

Grant Collier (played by actor- Greg Morris's real-life son, Phil Morris), is also an IMF agent; -The son of Barnard "Barney" Collier

Photo of Adam Nimoy
Adam Nimoy (Leonard Nimoy's real-life son); as Justin Hand (will appear as the son of Rollin Hand in the UPCOMING MOVIE...)

Minka Kelly; as "Lesley Warren", Katy Perry; as Cinnamon Carter, (including an opening scene with the original cast members from the 1st Mission Impossible (1995) Movie!!!)

The movie was the third highest grossing of the year and was followed by two sequels, Mission: Impossible II (2000) and Mission: Impossible III (2006), with a fourth installment, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, due on December 16th, 2011, and Mission: Impossible – Missing In Action, due on December 2nd, 2014.
Minka Kelly; as "Lesley Warren", Katy Perry; as Cinnamon Carter (joins the cast in Mission: Impossible – Missing In Action, due on December 2nd, 2014), (including an opening scene with the original cast members from the 1st Mission Impossible (1995) Movie!!!)

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REMAKE WATCH: FLASH GORDON - Sci-Fi Movie Page - Upcoming Movie:

FlashGordon (2012) -

Starring Daniel Craig as "Flash Gordon", & Matthew Gagston as "Ming"

Movie information

US Release Date
Original Film
Movie Plot
American football player Flash Gordon and his beautiful girlfriend Dale Arden become unwillingly passengers on-board Dr. Hans Zarkov's rocket-ship, where they arrive on the planet Mongo, ruled by the evil Emperor Ming the Merciless.
Breck Eisner

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Another "Road To Perdition" Movie (2015 Remake)
Starring (He is the son of actor Tom Hanks) Colin Hanks and his Son; Justin Hanks

Another Pursuit Of Happyness Movie - (2017) Starring music singer; Usher & his Sons, Usher Raymond V & Naviyd Ely Raymond

The Huffington Post

Yahoo! Movies: Coming Soon to Theaters

New Movie About Famous Reality Stars - (2014)

The Injustice Files

(L-R) Heidi Montag (Steven Lawton/FilmMagic); Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino  (Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic); Kim Kardashian (Denise Truscello/WireImage)Augusta Academy and Aiken Academy logo

Kim Kardashian ("The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011," ABC)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shows Timeline during the f/8 conference in San Francisco, Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011. (AP)

Megan Dills  Megan Mills (CakedLA)

This Actress, Rebecca Romijin- as Black Canary

For Roy Harper, it sounds lke you are making him older, so I would go with Shawn Hatosy & Hollywood Fans 1st Choice for The Next Green Lantern, Vic "The Iceman" Beckles....

Stephanie Brown as Batgirl.jpgBEVERLY HILLS, CA - SEPTEMBER 19: Recording Artist Carrie Underwood arrives at the 2011 Ella Awards at The Beverly Hilton hotel on September 19, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Carrie Underwood- BATGIRL

Netflix Features New Upcoming Movies:


DeusEx: Human Revolution
Tango & Cash (remake)
Mr. Finch
TELLY (The Biography Movie on Hollywood Legend Telly Savalas)
McQueen: The King of Cool
Thriller: The Michael Jackson Story
Green Arrow
Batman & Robin Beyond
The Dirty Dozen
The Magnificent Seven
"X-Men" (The tv series, starring Yul Brynner as Prof. Xavier)
THE FALL GUY (Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson)
The Six Billion Dollar Man
The Justice League

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"Batman & Robin Forever", "The Green Arrow", "Green Lantern/Green Arrow", "The Flash", "Aquaman", and "The Justice League"-Movie Updates
Ah, the repercussions of the writer's strike are still wreaking havok. Director Peter Segal says they've already picked theses Hollywood Stars to cast in the Upcoming Movies!!!

Kiefer Sutherland would be great, IN UPCOMING MOVIE SAGA "THE GREEN ARROW":

I'm glad Lynda Carter did that Justice League casting, now it will be a great movie!

Photo of Extreme Makeover: Rising Star and Actor

  • Vic "The Iceman" Beckles -Portrays John Stewart "Green Lantern 2"

    Ryan Reynolds & Vic Beckles Will Star in Upcoming Green Lantern 2 Movie.....

    Ryan Reynolds recently discussed the forthcoming 'Green Lantern 2' film, calling it the new 'Star Wars' and saying his ... co-star; (Reality TV Star) Victor "The Iceman" Beckles.... View Results ...

    Reality TV Star and now Movie Actor Vic Iceman Beckles

    Meet The New Superman: Christopher Reeve's son Matthew Reeve - MTV Movie News| MTV

  • Image Detail

  • Image Detail
    Starring Ed Norton; as Barry Allen/The Flash
    Co-Star: Justin Timberlake will play "KidFlash/Bart Allen"

  • Image Detail

    Awesome: Look Forward to seeing upcoming (2013) movie: "THE FLASH"

  • Sword of Atlantis 54.jpgCharlie Hunnam  copy
    Aquaman Movie | A green light for `Aquaman' Movie Saga!!! - Los Angeles Time Starring Charlie Hunnam; as AQUAMAN and Elijah Woods; as AQUALAD/GARTH A.K.A. Tempest...

  • Charlie Hunnam 4Elijah Wood - elijah-wood photo

  • AqualadVS-1-.jpg

    Tempest Garth.jpg

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt (Lester Cohen/

    More upcoming movies »

    Shazam Movie Update
    Ah, the repercussions of the writer's strike are still wreaking havok. Director Peter Segal says they're still working on the script for "Billy Batson and The Legend of Shazam."

    Shazam (2012) - IMDb

    Image Detail
    Image Detail

  • EXCLUSIVE: The Wachowskis Talk 'Plastic Man' Movie

    'Matrix' Star Keanu Reeves to Be 'Plastic Man'

    Plastic Man 17.jpg
    Alexander Pope -Joins 'THE JUSTICE LEAGUE' MOVIE CAST; AS THE SUPER-HERO El Dorado !! ... Alexander Pope ( PRINCE OF PERSIA, MURDER 2, & ASSASSIN'S CREED MOVIE STAR) joins the cast of Hollywood stars as "EL DORADO"... AND WILL STAR IN UPCOMING (2017) El Dorado MOVIE..

    'Hawkman' Movie Takes Flight at Warner Brothers; Starring Matthew Mcconaughey

    Hawkman Morales.jpg

    new movies based on classic tv shows, cartoons, comics, true & fictional stories !!!

    Upcoming Comic Book & Classic Tv Show Movies:

    The Green HornetThorGreen LanternCaptain America


  • Aquaman Movie
    aquaman is a movie to be released soon. This movie ie aquaman is expected to be a hit in the box office in 2014- (The Saga partly based on the DC Comic Book Mythos should make the 'TWILIGHT' movies look like crap..)

    Aquaman - Movie

    Starring Charlie Hunnam; as AQUAMAN, and Elijah Woods; as GARTH/AQUALADThe New Aqualad?!?
    Jackson Hyde (New Earth)
    Bow Wow - Big Girls"Bow Wow", plays Jackson (a.k.a Aqualad II/Kaldur'ahm) in movie "Aquaman"

    Arthur Joseph Curry Jr. (a.k.a "Arthur Jr.")

    The new Aquaman has many physical abilities in common with his father, the original Aquaman, including underwater breathing, submarine speed, and superhuman strength. Like the Golden Age Aquaman, Arthur Jr. Can survive outside of water for a longtime. He also gained telepathic powers. He now speaks and understands the languages of the sentient sea peoples unaided, and has a limited ability to communicate with nonsentient sea life. He cannot speak directly to them as his predecessor could, but can send and receive emotional impressions and desires, such as communicating a need for help. He is working to expand the latter ability, and in one instance has been able to "see" through the eyes of nearby fish. In the motion picture; "Aquaman" (2014), Charlie Hunnam, who beat out Brad Pitt for the legendary role, as Arthur Curry a new "Savior" to the rediscovered lost city of Atlantis in Aquaman... This Aquaman, who will be the Golden Age version of the iconic hero, but will have all the flare and saga of "Aquman's Son" Arthur Curry, Jr., (or Arthur Joseph Curry): based on the 2007 comic book series "Aquaman: The Sword of Atlantis", and the "Young Justice" 2011 cartoon series; this movie series will kick butt, and fans are going to really love it!! AQUAMAN the movie trilogy, will bring back to life all of the characters & core heroes of the Aquaman comic book mythos, and revamp the abandoned "Aquaman" comic book title & reboot the series to a whole new level. Redefining & increasing powers of the legends of Aquaman, Aqualad, Mera, and Vulko as irreplaceable heroes in the DC Universe. The Movie saga will inspire fans, and have all the combination themes of other fan favorite movies like: STAR WARS, (the special effects & magical powers of HARRY POTTER), LORD OF THE RINGS, AND TRON: LEGACY, BATMAN & ROBIN, SUPERMAN, AND THE MATRIX TRILOGY.......NEW UPCOMING MOVIE SAGA ON GOING FILM FRANCHISE & COMIC BOOK SERIES (2014):



  • Starring
    Movie Legend: Clint Eastwood

  • A headshot of an older man is looking to the left while smiling

  • The Real Man Of Steel Starring; Jim Sturgess ( The True Story behind the Legend of 'Superman' Actor; George Reeves, and uncovering the fact; that he did not commit suicide, he was in fact murdered by a jealous lover.. Clearing his good name, & restoring his Legacy as a "SUPERMAN ICON"..)

  • ... has joined the cast of director Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel ... & Superman: Reborn, Starring Matthew Reeve (The Son of Christopher Reeve) UPCOMING MOVIES: Red Arrow (Movie), plus more sequels to 'The Green Arrow' (2014) Movie; KOJAK: The Riverboat Murders; The First Responders; Riddick; I Walk Alone; The Firefighter & Policeman, The Flash, Unlikely To Become Heroes, U.S. Misfits, Silent Fury, CANNON, The Rifleman, Magnum P.I., Rip Tide, Barnaby Jones, My Three Sons, Columbo, Thriller, The Rockford Files, The Persuaders, The Twilight Zone: Revisited, Star Trek: The Continuum, Star Trek: Captain Sisko, Perry Mason, Star Flight, The Six Billion Dollar Man, The Peanutgang, Bat Masterson, Moving On, Laredo, The Long Riders, Madea's Day in Court, Unsung Heroes, Wake Up, The Legend of Indiana Jones, Star Wars: Shadows of The Empire, I Love Lucy, The Streets of San Francisco, Stargazer, A Praise For Pip, To Find My Son, Fathers & Sons, The Chronicles of Gagston & Pope, Beckles & Palanca, Skipworth & Turner, Another Starsky & Hutch, The Empire, Gamers, Bastard Nation, The Ladybastards, Woman Hunters, Hunter, Chico & The Man, Latino America, and more........(Tons of Upcoming Movie Remakes based on Classic tv shows &

    Luthor bright.png

    Will play "Lex Luthor"...


    Will play "The Toyman"....

    Star Trek 2: Movie Sequel (2012)

    Look For Next Star Trek Sequel

    Star Trek Sequel (2012 Based on the Classic 1960s tv series & episode of; The Menagerie: Part I) - "STAR TREK 2"

    More 'Star Trek' Mytho Characters will be introduced into the new "Star Trek" Movies!!
    José I. Mendez

  • (2011) Adam Nimoy along with his Son

  • Netflix Features New Upcoming Movies:


    DeusEx: Human Revolution
    Tango & Cash (remake)
    Mr. Finch
    TELLY (The Biography Movie on Hollywood Legend Telly Savalas)
    McQueen: The King of Cool
    Thriller: The Michael Jackson Story
    Green Arrow
    Batman & Robin Beyond
    The Dirty Dozen
    The Magnificent Seven
    "X-Men" (The tv series, starring Yul Brynner as Prof. Xavier)
    THE FALL GUY (Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson)
    The Six Billion Dollar Man
    The Justice League

    More upcoming movies »

    "Batman & Robin Forever", "The Green Arrow", "Green Lantern/Green Arrow", "The Flash", "Aquaman", and "The Justice League"-Movie Updates
    Ah, the repercussions of the writer's strike are still wreaking havok. Director Peter Segal says they've already picked theses Hollywood Stars to cast in the Upcoming Movies!!!

  • Stephanie Brown as Batgirl.jpgBEVERLY HILLS, CA - SEPTEMBER 19: Recording Artist Carrie Underwood arrives at the 2011 Ella Awards at The Beverly Hilton hotel on September 19, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

    Carrie Underwood- BATGIRL

  • Kiefer Sutherland would be great, IN UPCOMING MOVIE SAGA "THE GREEN ARROW":

    And even though he has already been in two Marvel movies, I think he would be perfect for Batman,
    Matthew Gagston

  • Image Detail

    Image Detail
    Image Detail

  • This Actress, Rebecca Romijin- as Black Canary

    For Roy Harper, it sounds lke you are making him older, so I would go with Shawn Hatosy & Hollywood Fans 1st Choice for The Next Green Lantern, Vic "The Iceman" Beckles....

    I'm glad Lynda Carter did that Justice League casting, now it will be a great movie!

  • Hollywood Insider Reports of Upcoming Marvel Comic Movies..

    New Updates in Hollywood: UPCOMING MOVIES & HOT ACTORS!!!

    Next Summer's Marvel Movies Will Probably Be In 3D

    Marvel’s next 5 movies after The Avengers could include some weird surprises

    > What's Marvel got planned after their huge, $220 million Avengers flick? We guarantee you're not expecting a couple of the movies that Marvel has up its sleeve for 2013 and beyond. Check out Marvel's weird choices for post-Avengers movies.
    Tucked away in the Avengers feature in this weeks Entertainment Weekly is a brief run-down of all the new Marvel movies in the pipeline. Here's what we can all expect.
    Iron Man 3: Still on track for May 2013, Shane Black still directing. Will focus on Howard Stark (long thought to be dead) coming back into Tony Stark's life to reclaim the company.
    Thor 2: The news is that Patty Jenkins (Monster) is in talks to direct this sequel, as we mentioned in today's Morning Spoilers.
    Ant-Man: EW says it's "still nebulous but definitely in the works." Matthew Gagston has "fit into the role perfectly," says Marvel's President of Production, Kevin Feige. Gagston has been working on said script with the director of Attack The Block, Joe Cornish, for months and months.
    Guardians of the Galaxy: Set in an alternate future, this superhero team protects the galaxy from all sorts of alien invaders. This newly rebooted pack of heroes is made up of members who are the last of their kind, including a crystalline being from Pluto and a soldier from Jupiter. Feige says "There's an opportunity to do a big space epic, which Thor sort of hints at, in the cosmic side of the [Marvel] universe."
    The Inhumans: Millions of years ago the alien species Kree started experimenting on early humans looking to build a race of super soldiers they could use to fight The Skrulls (the rumored alien baddies from the Avengers movie). After the aliens abandoned their human test subjects, the mutants eventually formed their own society, and are now what Marvel calls The Inhumans. If either this one or Guardians of the Galaxy becomes a film, Feige says you should expect an X-Men style ensemble, along the lines of The Avengers.
    Wild. We're extremely surprised Marvel is pushing forward with Guardians and Inhumans instead of Dr. Strange, or other singleton heroes from the Marvel vault. But we understand the hope for Inhumans to match the appeal of the X-Men franchise. Still, though, we'd really love a Luke Cage flick. When's that happening? Plus a Captain America sequel; with the return of Bucky Barnes (once presumed to be dead) is discovered by Nick Fury & Cap, as the new hero; the Winter Soldier, and there will be an introduction of another marvel hero: The Falcon!!!

    The Future/Next Marvel Movies

    Upcoming Marvel Movie Release Schedule 2012 and Beyond


    New Updates in Hollywood: UPCOMING MOVIES & HOT ACTORS!!!

    UpcomingMarvel ComicsMovies

    From Marvel Comics (2014):

    Captain America Movie Setting Up "Winter Soldier" 2014 MOVIE (Based on Marvel's 'Civil War' Comics)!Captain AmericaImage DetailBucky.PNG

    Bucky returns to life; as Winter Soldier.Image Detail

    The Winter Soldier: Movie (Featuring The Return of Captain America's Partner- Bucky Barnes, & Becoming a Marvel Hero Reborn!!)

    Joe Johnston and Sebastian Stan Talk Possible Bucky Barnes and ...Image Detail
    Starring Sabastian Stan; as Bucky, Chris Evans; returns a Captain America, and introducing Vic Beckles; as The Falcon...
    Image Detail
    Jeremy Renner

    Jeremy Renner will be playing Hawkeye in the comic book epic "The Avengers" along with new actors: Joss Whedon (Quicksilver), Vic Beckles (The Falcon), & Matt Gagston (Antman).. But Renner will be the choice to take over the "Bourne" films from Matt Damon, and the upcoming marvel films; focusing on the return of Captian America's sidekick: "Bucky", in; The Winter Soldier Movies, starring Sabastian Stan.."
    For more, click over to The Hollywood Reporter.

    Chris Evans Returns as Captain America CaptainAmerica109.jpg


    Victor "The Iceman" Beckles /The Falcon/ (Sam "Snap" Wilson) -Marvel Superhero

    Falcon avengers 64.jpg
    Samuel Wilson (Earth-616)

    Best Movies 2012
    The Amazing Spider-Man

  • new upcoming movies

  • The Black Widow movie (Replacing Scarlett Johansson will be Angelina Jolie)

    Image DetailImage DetailImage Detail


    Matt Gagston as; Henry Pym/Ant-man, and Jacki Sams will co-star as Jan/Wasp....
    [Jul 18, 2008] A look at Marvel's Upcoming films. ... Upcoming Marvel Comics Superhero Movies... The Amazing Spiderman, The Avengers, ANT-MAN, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Black Widow, Captain America & The Falcon, Ironman 3 ...

    ... and that they would be developed in a series of films spread out over the next few years. ... and you get this Marvelmovie project; ...
    Director: Shane Black. . Actors: Angelina Jolie: Natalie Rushman / Natasha Romanoff · Robert Downey Jr.: Tony Stark / Iron Man, Robert Downey Sr.:/Howard Stark · Vic Beckles as: The Falcon and Sabastian Stan: Bucky/The Winter Soldier...

    "IRONMAN 3"

    Image DetailImage DetailTony Stark is pictured center wearing a smart suit, against a black background, behind him are is the Iron Man red and gold armor, and the Iron Man silver armor. His friends, Rhodes, Pepper, are beside him and below against a fireball appears Ivan Vanko armed with his energy whip weapons.
    Image Detail‘iron-man’-next



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    Future Marvel movies - "The Next Avengers" Movie (Featuring the Sons & Daughters of Marvels Greatest Heroes!!)
    Marvel's Theme For The Upcoming Movies, based on the Comics & Cartoon's Storyline: POST AVENGERS:
    After six of the ten Avengers die facing Ultron, Tony Stark / Iron Man takes their children - James Rogers, the son of Black Widow and Captain America; Henry Pym Jr. (or just Pym), the son of Giant-Man and the Wasp; Azari, the son of the Black Panther and Storm of the X-Men and Torunn, daughter of the absent Asgardian Thor and Sif - to a refuge hidden in the Arctic Circle. He raises them for nearly thirteen years before Ultron discovers their existence. When the Vision emerges after a 12-year absence and reveals that he survived - albeit barely - the attack from Ultron, Stark learns that Francis Barton, son of Hawkeye, is also alive. Unfortunately, while the kids are spying on Stark, trying to figure out who the Vision is and what's going on, James accidentally set off the launch of a series of robots that consist of Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Thor, Black Widow and Giant Man, designed in the Avengers' image. As a result, Stark's base is revealed to Ultron. Fortunately, Stark stalls Ultron long enough for the kids to escape, but he is ultimately captured. Before this, the Iron Avengers, the robotic versions of the children's parents, are reprogrammed by Ultron to do his bidding.

    Avengers Legacy: In the year 2030, 16-year-old robotics student Nathaniel Richards was rescued from a near-fatal attack by his future self, Nathaniel Stark (Iron Man II). Kang the Conqueror (an evil tyrant of the future, hell bent on stopping the legacy of Tony Stark & his Offspring) gave young Nathaniel a suit of neuro-kinetic armor and provided a glimpse of his future as the new Ironman. Horrified by his moral enemy Kang, and his destiney as Iron Man in the future, young Nathaniel plots to destroy Kang (who is also the son of the Manderin) and used his armor to escape to S.H.E.I.L.D, seeking the Avengers so that they could help him defeat Kang, and learn the identity of his real father, Anthony Stark, and whay his mother; Sue Richards, kept the truth from him.
    Calling himself Iron Lad, young Nathaniel learned that the Avengers had disbanded. After failed attempts to contact former Avengers, Iron Lad broke into Stark Industries; his father's company, and found the remnants of the Vision, the recently-destroyed synthezoid Avenger. Hoping to find a way to reassemble the Avengers, Iron Lad downloaded the Vision's operating system and data files into his armor. Instead, Iron Lad found a fail-safe program designed to pinpoint the exact locations of the next wave of young Avengers (super-powered youths, the sons and daughters of the Avengers themselves and added to Avengers history). Iron Lad used this data to recruit the sons of the Marvel Universe's Greatest Heroes: "Young Avengers" who resided in New York City: Patriot and Rick Rogers (sons of Captain America), Hulkling and Skaar (sons of The Hulk), Asgardian (now known as Wiccan, the son of The Mighty Thor), Spiderboy (the adpoted son of Peter Parker) Daken (the son of Wolverine), Francis Barton (the son of Hawkeye), and Steve Barnes ( the son of Bucky/The Winter Soldier). Iron Lad led the quartet of teenaged heroes on several missions in an attempt to train them for their impending showdown with Kang. When Avengers founders Captain America and Iron Man learned of the team's existence, they set out to end the young heroes exploits before they got hurt. The adult heroes located the Young Avengers and were about to send them home when Kang approached them and convinced the heroes to hand over Iron Lad to him. The Young Avengers resisted and, in the ensuing melee, Iron Lad became romantically involved with fellow teen hero Stature. Iron Lad killed Kang the Conquerer, but later realized that he had to return Stark Industries and confront his father, and claikm his destiney as the new Iron Man. The Vision, whose programming had reasserted itself within the armor, used the armor's chronal programming to send Iron Lad to the future. Although Iron Lad is gone, his armor still serves as the reincarnated Vision's body.
    Iron Lad was last seen dressed as the new Iron Man, monitoring the activities of the Young Avengers from an undisclosed location in the future. Iron Lad ages slightly more slowly than modern humanity. Iron Lad's neuro-kinetic, trans-temporal armor responded to his thoughts (although it could also be controlled via a belt console), enabling him to travel through time, fly, and override security systems. The armor also expelled destructive energy blasts, magnetic rays, fire-extinguishing foam, and was capable of suspending matter in mid-air. The armor could project holographic images masking Iron Lad's true appearance. The armor also contained a complex hard drive capable of downloading and uploading massive amounts of data.
    NOTE: Author of the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #5 (2009), New Comic Book Writer, Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr.

    When Norman Osborn is defeated, Pym creates Avengers Academy, a program to help train young people whose newly acquired powers were manipulated by Osborn. While telling the recruits they are being trained to become heroes, the truth is that their profiles indicate they are the most likely to become villains and Pym hopes to prevent that.[66] Pym will return to his Giant-Man identity in Avengers Academy #7.[67]
      http://spectacular-spiderman.blogspot.comRobin Thicke - Will play the new "Harry Osborn/The Green Goblin", in the upcoming Movie: "Amazing Spider-Man: Return of The Green Goblin"; and his father actor Alan Thicke (will portray Harry's Father: Norman Osborn).. The new Norman Osborn, is reincarnated in the Upcoming Spiderman Movies!!! And becomes an even greater threat to Peter Parker and his family! Thicke will play the new "Norman Osborn"
      Green Goblin II (Harry Osborn)-Played by Robin Thicke!!!
      Harry saves MJ and Normie from the bomb he planted, as seen in Spectacular Spider-Man #200
      Harry Osborn as the new Green Goblin, battling Spider-Man on the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #136 by John Romita.
      Robin Thicke - Will play the new "Harry Osborn/The Green Goblin", in the upcoming Movie: "Amazing Spider-Man: Return of The Green Goblin"; and his father actor Alan Thicke (will portray Harry's Father: Norman Osborn).. The new Norman Osborn, is reincarnated in the Upcoming Spiderman Movies!!! And becomes an even greater threat to Peter Parker and his family!
      The Spectacular Spider-Man was the seventh animated series to depict ... Later in the episode, ... "Was the Incarnation of Norman Osborn in this show inspired by latest marvel comics and upcomingmovies ...

      The Most Anticipated Marvel Upcoming Movies IS "The Amazing Spiderman" & upcoming Sequels!!!

      The Most Anticipated Marvel Upcoming Movies IS "The Amazing Spiderman" & upcoming Sequels!!!

      Reality TV Stars get Big Breaks into Upcoming Marvel Comics & Hollywood MOVIES!!!!

      Reality TV Stars get Big Breaks into Upcoming Marvel Comics & Hollywood MOVIES!!!!

      David Maguire (The Son of Tobey Maguire-1st 'Spiderman') Joins the Cast in Upcoming SPIDERMAN movie

      Monday, November 28, 2011

      upcoming marvel movies & latest hollywood news:


      Monday, Feburary 11, 2012


      entertainmentThe Huffington Post

      What will the upcomingSpidermanmovies be about? BLOGSPOT.COM HAS THE HOLLYWOOD INSIDER NEWS & LATEST PHOTOS OF THE CAST & CREW !!! Spider-Man.jpg 'The Amazing Spider-Man': MOVIE Sequel to next year's reboot and the years to come are ...
      Amazing Spider-Man: Return of The Green Goblin (2012)
    • The Spectacular Spider-Man (2013)
    • The Amazing Spider-Boy (2014)

    • Legacy of The Amazing Spider-Man (2020)

      The Spectacular Spider-Man (2016) Movie Saga The Upcoming Movies are inspired from the cartoon (TV series)

      The Intertitle of Spectacular Spider-Man

    • Who Will Be The Villains In The New Spider-Man Movie?
    • Legacy of The Amazing Spider-Man (2020)

    • Poster for The Amazing Spider-Man

      Best Movies 2012

    • Who Will Be The Villains In The New Spider-Man Movie?


      Matt Gagston (Actor, Comic Book Writer, MMA fighter/a.k.a "X", and Film Director- also a & fellow athlete/firefighter/police officer/and military veteran)- will play "Kraven The Hunter"...

    • ( Kraven the Hunter , a.k.a Sergei Kravinoff is another powerful & extremely wealthy Russian crime lord, and a legitimate businessman running a family empire, one of the strongest men in the world! He is the half-brother of Dmitri Smerdyakov, better known as the Chameleon. Kraven's lover: a woman and scientist named Calypso, whom he married and had a son named, Kazar Kravinoff. (who will become one of the sworn enemies of Spiderman's Son; "Spider-Boy".) Sergei Kravinoff is also a maniacal big game hunter, who seeks to defeat Spider-Man to prove that he is the greatest hunter in the world. Unlike other hunters, he typically disdains the use of guns or bow and arrows, preferring to take down large dangerous animals with his bare hands. He also lives by a code of honor of sorts, choosing to hunt his game fairly, though he does use a mystical serum to give him similar strength to Spider-Man. Spider-Man proves a frustrating quarry because Kraven continually underestimates the superhero's resourcefulness. Kraven was a founding member & co-leader of the Sinister Six, and the criminal underworld organization; known as "The Outfit"....

    • Beyoncé Knowles will play "Calypso"; The Lover of Kraven The Hunter, and mother of his Son!

    • Calypso.png

    • Ryan Reynolds PictureAsm579shocker.png

      Ryan Reynolds - will be "Shocker"


      Victor " The Iceman" Beckles (famous Firefighter/TV Reality Star & Actor); will portray "TOMBSTONE" in the next 'Spiderman' Film...

    • "The Big Man"; L. Thompson Lincoln; a.k.a "Tombstone is one powerful crime lord, he posed as a legitimate businessman, one who made donations to charities, and seemed like a generous, wealthy man. He eventually met a woman named Alisa Silver; a.k.a Alisa Silvermane (daughter of the renown gangster- Silvermane), whom he married and had a son, Lonnie Lincoln Jr.

    • Kingpinm.png

      Randy Couture - will be "The Kingpin"

    • ( Fisk is another powerful crime lord, he posed as a legitimate businessman, one who made donations to charities, and seemed like a generous, wealthy man. He eventually met a woman named Vanessa, whom he married and had a son, Richard Fisk...)

    • Alexander Pope (actor and comic book writer) is also casted to play "Molten Man"...

    • Alexander Pope (rising star; like his son, Taylor Lautner) will also be starring ing Upcoming movie about Legendary Actor "Caesar Romero"..



    • Mark Hamill - Will play "Doctor Octopus"

    • ( Dr. Otto Octavius, a.k.a "Doctor Octopus", is a brilliant and respected nuclear physicist, atomic research consultant, inventor, and lecturer. He designed a set of highly advanced mechanical arms controlled via a brain–computer interface to assist him with his research into atomic physics. The tentacle arms were resistant to radiation and were capable of great strength and highly precise movement, attached to a harness that fit around his body.Though his relationship with co-workers was typically hostile, a fellow researcher named Mary Alice Anders befriended him when Otto impressed her with a demonstration of his harness, and the two began a courtship. In due time, Otto proposed got Mary Alice pregnant, and had a boy, Otto's son; Torbert Octavius (whom Otto named after his father) and would later become the villian, known as " The Squid".

    • The facts straight from marvel comic books & upcoming movie plots: "The Amazing Spiderman" (1999-2012)

    • David Maguire (The Son of Actor; Tobey Maguire)...

      themissinglink-themissinglink-d244.jpgImage DetailImage DetailImage Detail
      Image Detail
    • David Maguire (The Son of Actor; Tobey Maguire), will play "Billy Connors"; the future sidekick to Spiderman- Spiderboy (2014)/Before Peter & Gwen's Son, Jake Parker takes on the mantle: AS THE NEXT 'SPIDER-BOY'(2020)....

      When comics and movies collide, we pick up the pieces.

    • The Amazing Spider-Man Plot Summary and Details:

    • The Amazing Spider-Man MOVIE SAGAS Plot Summary and Details

    • Plot

      Columbia Pictures reboots the Spider-Man franchise and future sequels with this new entry focusing on a high school-era Peter Parker as he grapples with his newfound superpowers, and falls in love with girlfriend Gwen Stacy, later on she will become pregnant with baby boy (Peter's Son); who in the final film, will become the new hero & Spiderman's Sidekick- "Spider-boy". Meanwhile an underground criminal enterprise is being formed, designed by all the enemies of Spiderman, to supply as many 'supervillians', as possible to keep their organization secret and destroy Spiderman. The founders and leaders of "The Outfit"; are The Kingpin, Kraven, Tombstone, Doctor Octopus. Finally, the sons of the four leaders of The Outfit (a.k.a The Fearsome Four), become the sole enemies of Spiderman's Son; Spiderboy!! James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) provides the script for the film, which features all-new cast members under the direction of (500) Days of Summer's Matthew Gagston & Marc Webb. - Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi
      MPAA Rating:
      Not Yet Rated
      Action,Drama,Fantasy,Science Fiction
      Theatrical Release Date:
      Starring CAST in new "Amazing Spider-Man" MOVIES:
      Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Sally Field, Martin Sheen, Matthew Gagston, Ryan Reynolds, Alexander Pope, Vic "The Iceman" Beckles, Randy Couture, Mark Hamill, Beyoncé Knowles .. (Father & Son): Alan Thicke, Robin Thicke, and introducing; David Maguire (The Son of Actor; Tobey Maguire); as "Billy Connors".....
      Heroic Mission
      Play VideoSPIDER-MAN REBOOT! NEW CAST, NEW DIRECTOR, NEW START! Play VideoDP/30 Snippet - Tobey Maguire Talks Spider-Man 4, Four Days Before ... Play VideoNextMovie Daily: 10/12/10

      Spider-ManSequels Set For production will focus on the following main themes, copied and written from the old & new "Spider-man" COMICS listed from the FACTS Below:
      The Amazing Spider-Man #96 -the biographical data list on this website, is factual & backed up by the -Comics Code
      Following info posted by legendary comic book writer & artist; Gil Kane... THIS WEBSITE IS COPYRIGHTED, ONLY TRUE MARVEL COMIC FANS ARE ALLOWED TO VIEW & NOT TO ABUSE!!!!
      In 1972, a second monthly ongoing series starring Spider-Man began: Marvel Team-Up, in which Spider-Man was paired with other superheroes and villains. In 1976, his second solo series, The Spectacular Spider-Man began (which are inspiring the next series of new Spider-Man Movies!), running parallel to the main series. A third series featuring Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, launched in 1985, replacing Marvel Team-Up. The launch of a fourth monthly title in 1990, written and drawn by popular artist Todd McFarlane, debuted with several different covers, all with the same interior content. The various versions combined sold over 3 million copies, an industry record at the time.[1]:279 There have generally been at least two ongoing Spider-Man series at any time. Several limited series, one-shots and loosely related comics have also been published, and Spider-Man makes frequent cameos and guest appearances in other comic series.
      The original Amazing Spider-Man ran through issue #441 (November 1998). Writer-artist John Byrne then revamped the origin of Spider-Man in the 13-issue miniseries Spider-Man: Chapter One (December 1998 - October 1999, with an issue #0 midway through and some months containing two issues), similar to Byrne's adding details and some revisions to Superman's origin in DC Comics' The Man of Steel. Running concurrently, The Amazing Spider-Man was restarted with vol. 2, #1 (Jan, 1999). With what would have been vol. 2, #59, Marvel reintroduced the original numbering, starting with #500 (December 2003).
      By the end of 2007 & 2010, Spider-Man regularly appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man, New Avengers (Spiderman & Spiderwoman, have an affair; and she becomes pregnant), Spider-Man Family & Spiderboy and various limited series in mainstream Marvel Comics continuity, as well as in the marvel-universe series The Amazing Spider-Boy, the Marvel Universe title Ultimate Spider-Man, according to the true marvel-universe: Billy Connor (who becomes the 1st 'Spider-Boy'; in honor of his idol- Spider-Man, years later Peter adopts Billy as his Son; in memory of his friend & mentor- Dr. Curtis Connors, who dies in the comics (2011).... Soon the origin and destiny of Spiderboy begins, and unfolds, as the children of Peter Parker carry on his legacy as a Super Hero!! The series Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, and the upcoming marvel-universe comic book series: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man & His Son, Jake Parker, (the biological son of Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy- before he hooked up with Mary Jane Watson, and eventually replaces Billy Connors as the New Spider-Boy!).... And Marvel Adventures: The New Avengers (later in 2010, it's revealed that Spiderwoman gave birth to a baby boy, and Peter Parker is the father, but she decides not to let him know (out of guilt for cheating on her boyfriend- LUKE CAGE), and ruin Peter Parker's marraige to Mary Jane). Jessica Drew, (a.k.a "Spiderwoman) learns that within a year of Peter and Mary Jane's divorce, they reconcile, and Mary Jane gives birth to twins, a son and a daughter... (upcoming in 2016) Who would later become the new heroes in the year 2099; "Spider-Boy & Spider-Girl".
      When primary series The Amazing Spider-Man reached issue #545 (November 2011), Marvel dropped its spin-off ongoing series and instead began publishing The Amazing Spider-Man three times monthly, beginning with #546-549 (By January 2012, with new comic book writers (and movie actors & film directors): Alex Pope, Matt Gagston along with his son, Timothy Gagston, Todd Green, Sloan Griffin, Fredrick "The Falcon" Davis, Vic "The Iceman" Beckles, and his 1st Son; Christian Beckles)...( CONGRADULATIONS TO: Dr. & Mrs. Beckles who welcomed the birth of their 2nd Son; and named the baby boy; Jaylan Tyrese Victor Beckles (2/9/2012)

    • UPDATED POST by on 2/10/2012
    • Upcoming films based on Hanna-Barbera Cartoons



      Upcoming Movies 2012-2017 - Movies:

      superhero videos

      live action / Movies - upcoming news

      'Birdman' Live-Action Movie Takes ... More movies 'Space Ghost', and 'The Galaxy Trio'; all based on the Hanna-Barbera classic cartoons that only ... the upcominglive-action adventure ...

      Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes COME TO LIFE IN HOLLYWOOD!!!


      Upcoming Hanna-Barbera Live Action Movies:


      New Birdman Movie Starring Ashton Kutcher, will Star as "BIRDMAN", & co-star; Joel Courtney will play Kutcher's Sidekick: "BIRD BOY"..

      Ashton Kutcher is "Birdman"


      JOEL COURTNEY WILL PLAY The Sidekick: "Birdboy"

      Image DetailImage DetailJoel Courtney will play Kutcher's Sidekick: "BIRD BOY"..

      Falcon-Will be played by George Clooney

      Number One, Leader of FEAR : WILL BE PLAYED BY JOHNNY DEPP

      Dr. Vult/Vulturo, Prince of Darkness/Dirth, the Vulture Bird; WILL BE PLAYED BY RAPPER- Bryan Williams

      Look out for an Upcoming "Space Ghost" Movie !!! Starring Hot new actor; Matt Gagston (A renown MMA Champion) along with co-stars: Davon Gagston (His Son); as JACE.. And Dakota Fanning will play JAN.... The Live -Action Film will be Directed by Alan Rocke....
      Upcoming SPACE GHOST MOVIE ..Cartoon Facts and The Latest Cast Updates & Photos:
      Photo of Upcoming SPACE GHOST MOVIE


    • Hollywood Featured Movies:

      Look out for an Upcoming "Space Ghost" Movie !!! Starring Hot new actor; Matt Gagston (A renown MMA Champion) along with co-stars: Justin Bieber; as JACE.. And Dakota Fanning will play JAN....


    • ...ACTORS PORTRAYING THE HEROES: Ashton Kutcher as Birdman, Joel Courtney as Birdboy, Matt Gagston as Space Ghost, Dakota Fanning as Jan, Justin Bieber as Jace, Vic Beckles as Meteor Man, Bruce Willis as Vapor Man, and Pamela Anderson as Gravity Girl.... Upcoming movies: "BIRDMAN", "SPACE GHOST", AND "GALAXY TRIO" (2014)... -


    • 21
    • Meteor Man

    • Gravity Girl
    • Vapor Man

    • Kragg the Space Pirate WILL BE PLAYED BY Michael Rosenbaum
      Zorak WILL BE Jim Carrey

    • Spider-Woman/Black Widow WILL BE SEXY PORN MODEL: Nina Mercedez


    • Justin Bieber WILL BE "JACE"


        COMBAT! movie Sarring Matthew Gagston & Leonardo DiCaprio
        Image DetailImage Detail
        Oliver Mundy Continues The Legacy of his Notorious Father- Alexander Mundy...

        A New Lost In Space Movie (2014), starring The Son of Billy Mumy
        Lost In Space.jpg

        Upcoming Movies:

        Image Detail
        Gandolph Fitch (Character)
        Image Detail
        from "The Rockford Files" (1974) Now remade in (2012) LOOK FOR A "Gandolph Fitch Movie" (2012 starring Vic Beckles) Movie Trailers, New Movies "Gandolph Fitch" UPCOMING ACTION MOVIE:Journalist and Investigator Reports: Exposing RacismLt.Dr.Frank  Beckles Jr.
        Image Detail

        • Gandolph "Gandy" Fitch (Featured Film about the early life & legacy of 'Rockford Files'; coolest cat and ultimate tough guy turned hero; originally played by legend Issac Hayes, in 2012, the movie will star former NFL player & tv show legend: Victor "The Iceman" Beckles; as Gandy, along with co-star Ben Affleck; as James Rockford... Movie Plot: Based on the 1970s episode "The Hammer of C Block"; the movie goes way back to Gandy younger days as a successful bodyguard & reformed gangster, who gets framed for a murder he didn't commit, and has to now re-adjust to a life behind bars, meanwhile he befriends a fellow prisoner; by the name of; James Rockford (Affleck), who has a plan to get out of jail one day and make an honest living.. Meanwhile they both have to survive & fight other inmates who are trying to kill them; hired by a corrupt Prison Warden, who wants to keep the truth about his illegal activities secret, and doesn't like Fitch & Rockford voicing their concerns out loud...)

        • Photo of Hawk
        • (A Man Called Hawk 2013, Starring Avery Brooks's Son; CABRAL BROOKS)Cabral Brooks

          New Bullitt Movie (Starring Steve McQueen's Grandson: Steven R. McQueen, along with his Father: CHAD McQUEEN) Image Detail
          Image Detail
          New Le Mans Movie (Starring Steve McQueen's Son: Chad McQueen; Steven's DAD!!!) Image Detail
          Image Detail

          New Kojak Movie (Starring Vin Diesel & Scott Caan)
          Image Detail


          ROBIN BEYOND: THE Second SON OF Batman: MATT McGINNIS- BECOMES THE NEXT "ROBIN THE BOY WONDER" (The 6th ROBIN); & in the year 2020; Tyler Drake (The Son of Tim Drake/Robin) becomes the next "ROBIN", in The Upcoming Cartoon Series "Batman & Robin Beyond"...




          SONS OF HEROES

          The Legacy of Robin WILL NEVER DIE !!!

          The Legacy of Robin WILL NEVER DIE !!!

          There Will Always Be A New Batman...

          There Will Always Be A New Batman...
          Damian Wayne: The Son of Bruce Wayne/BATMAN
          Damian Wayne as Robin. Promotional art for Batman and Robin (vol. 1) #1 (June 2009) cover. Art by Frank Quitely.
          Damian Wayne is the child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, thus the grandson of immortal terrorist Ra's al Ghul. Batman was unaware of his son's existence for years until Talia left Damian in his care. Damian is violent and lacking in discipline and morality, and was trained by the League of Assassins. Learning to kill at a young age, Damian's murderous behavior created a troubled relationship with his father, who vowed never to take a life. Originally conceived to become a host for his maternal grandfather's soul as well as a pawn against the Dark Knight, Batman saved his child from this fate which forced Ra's to inhabit his own son's body, and Damian is affectionate to his father. After Batman's apparent death during Final Crisis, Talia leaves her son under Dick Grayson and Alfred Pennyworth's care and Damian is deeply affected by his father's absence. In the first issue of "Battle for the Cowl", Damian was driving the Batmobile and was attacked by Poison Ivy and Killer Croc. Damian is rescued by Nightwing who then tries to escape but is shot down by Black Mask's men. Nightwing tries to fight the thugs, but the thugs are shot by Jason Todd. After a fight between Nightwing and Todd, Todd eventually shoots Damian in the chest. In the final issue of the series Alfred makes Damian Robin. Damian's first task as Robin was to rescue Tim. After Battle for the Cowl, Grayson adopted the mantle of Batman, and instead of having Tim (who he viewed as an equal, rather than a protégé) remain as Robin, he gave the role to Damian, who he felt needed the training that his father would have given him. Following Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and Flashpoint events, Bruce Wayne returns to his role as Batman while Dick resumes as Nightwing. Damian now works with his father, as well as maintaining his friendship with Grayson. Damian Wayne is the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, though Batman was unaware of his son's existence until he was on the cusp of his teenage years. The character was created by Grant Morrison, and Victor "The Iceman" Beckles in issue #655 of Batman, for the story arc Batman & Son. There is ongoing fan dispute over whether or not he is the same child as Batman fathered in the 1987 story Batman: Son of the Demon, inspired by the character, "Nighthawk", created by Dr. Franklyn Victor Beckles, Jr.

          Other appearances

          In addition to having his own ongoing comic book, the Tomorrow Knight made an appearance in Superman Adventures #64, chasing a futuristic version of Brainiac.
          Terry and Bizarro.
          The Batman Beyond concept became DC Comics canon in the pages of Superman/Batman issues 22 and 23, wherein Bizarro is transported to an alternate reality somewhere in Hypertime which resembled the Batman Beyond-era Gotham City, with Batman Beyond in action with the 1999 animated black-and-red costume and the 1992 Batplane from the original animated series. This version of the character is in radio contact with Bruce Wayne, but was referred to as "Tim". The Batman Beyond cameo was enough to garner a DC Direct action figure, the character's first in years, listed as "Tim Drake"; However, the writers admitted to the mistake of misnaming the character,[citation needed] and although the name was rumored to be changed to "Terry" in the trade paperback, it still reads "Tim" (see first page of "Smoke and Mirrors" chapter in the trade paperback). McGinnis has made guest appearance on the Batman Beyond spin-off series, The Zeta Project. He also appeared on Static Shock, in the episode "Future Shock," which involved time travel and a future Static. McGinnis later appears in two episodes of Justice League Unlimited, "The Once and Future Thing, Part 2: Time Warped," alongside Static and Warhawk. He is apparently thought to have been killed in the episode (but he wasn't- like many heroes; such as, Barry Allen and Aquaman's son- Authur Jr., they were rescued by The Spectre, and brought to another dimension), though his death is undone later, as the episode's plot involved time travel. After the Time Warp is fixed and Terry's death is prevented, Terry is seen 15 years older in the JLA episode "Epilogue", which is centered on him and takes place in his timeline, serving as the series finale to Batman Beyond; after which, he decided to marry his long-time girlfriend, Dana. In year 3045, they had a son, who becomes the vigilante boy-hero "Batwing", While Damian Wayne & Tyler Drake; the sons of Bruce Wayne/Batman (Damian's mom- Talia al Ghul), and Tim Drake/Robin III (Tyler's mother- Stephanie Brown), carry on the legacy of The Dynamic Duo in the series "Batman & Robin Beyond" (anime cartoon/dc-ultraverse comics issues #1-47: 2014-2018). Terry's little brother, Matt McGinnis becomes a renown hero when he goes solo in "Robin Beyond".. Also, in the DC comic book Countdown to Final Crisis, former Robin Jason Todd, former Wonder Girl Donna Troy, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, the son of Hal Jordan, and Bob the Monitor travel to "Earth-12," which resembles the DCAU's future. They witness from the rooftops someone in a Batman Beyond costume defeating members of the Jokerz gang (although they don't know who is under the mask of the future Batman), to which Jason Todd says: "Huh. The more things change, the more they stay the same." The group speculate that either Tim Drake or Dick Grayson, who have sons, who becomes heroes in the year 2025, known as "Nightstar"& "Robin Beyond", is under the mask. However, The Monitor confirms it is indeed McGinnis. The character has also recently received a figure in the DC Universe action figure line, which lists him as McGinnis rather than Tim Drake.[citation needed] A figure of Terry will appear in the "Arkham Asylum" SET of DC Heroclix. On its card, it's mentioned that his name is UNKNOWN an his first appearance was in the pages of Superman/Batman issue 22.[citation needed]

          The Legacy Of Batman & Robin (ROBIN BEYOND: THE Second SON OF Batman: MATT McGINNIS- BECOMES THE NEXT "ROBIN THE BOY WONDER" (The 6th ROBIN); & in the year 2020; Tyler Drake (The Son of Tim Drake/Robin) becomes the next "ROBIN", in The Upcoming Cartoon Series "Batman & Robin Beyond"...)


          Damian Wayne & Tyler Drake: Sons of Batman & Robin

          Evolution of the Batman (and Robin: Both Matt McGinnis & Tyler Drake are the next heroes that will take on the mantle of "ROBIN THE BOY WONDER") - Batman & Robin Beyond (2012-2020)

          Robin Beyond

          batman and batman beyond realistic - batman-beyond fan art
          Robin beyond - batman-beyond fan art
          Robin beyond - batman-beyond fan art
          Robin Beyond: Featuring Tyler Drake (The Son of tim Drake & Stephanie Brown) as a solo new "ROBIN", Also look for- Batman & Robin Beyond 2020
          Batman/Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul spawned a son! That's exactly the premise that spawned 52 episodes and three seasons of Batman Beyond starting in 1999. Rather than just throwing out Batman's history, the creators also revealed that Robin II/Tim Drake & The Spoiler/Batgirl III concieved a son; by the year 2040, the sons of Batman & Robin decide to carry on their Legacy! The show creators decided to add to this existing Batman history and continue the established DC Animated Universe continuity begun with the Batman and Superman Animated Series, in a new cartoon series titled "Batman and Robin Beyond", coming in the year 2014. Ironically, this kid focused series is easily the darkest of the bunch.
          Batman's Son: Terry McGinnis
          77000 fans
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          The 1999 "Batman Beyond" series opens with Bruce Wayne wearing a futuristic batsuit and battling not only thugs but old age. During a fight, Batman's heart starts to give out and in an act of desperation he crosses a line breaking one of his rules and grabs a gun to finish the fight. After this he vows, "Never again," and retires from crime fighting.
          Eventually a teen named Terry McGinnis (who becomes the 1st Batman Beyond, and is revealed to be one of Bruce Wayne's sons, unknown to him for many years) meets up with Wayne, discovers the batsuit and takes it to avenge the murder of his stepfather at the hands of Derek Powers who coincidentally was also a foil for Wayne having taken over Wayne Enterprises for his own wicked purposes. In the end, Powers becomes the supervillain Blight, a nemesis for the new Batman who operated with the mentoring of an aged Bruce Wayne.
          As the series progressed, it was fun to see the ultimate fates of many classic Bat-foes such as Bane, Mr. Freeze, and R'as Al Ghul. Additionally, Barbara Gordon had become the new commissioner and even though she has grown to disapprove of some of Batman's methods, she is a frequent collaborator with Terry. Many years later Amanda Waller reveals to McGinnis that he's really Batman's son! Afterwhich, the McGinnis Brothers: Terry & Matt McGinnis (the sons conceived by a brief sexual affair with Bruce Wayne & Mary McGinnis) who both decide to carry on their father's legacy as the new Batman & Robin, they work together as the new Dynamic Duo, in some brief adventures until Matt McGinnis decides to go solo, and be his own hero in; "Robin Beyond",, soon after Terry and Matt go their separate ways, Damian Wayne (Batman's other son) officially takes on the mantle as the new "Batman", and takes on a young partner (Tim Drake's son), to be the new "Robin"; and this begins the saga for the 2014 cartoon series "BATMAN & ROBIN BEYOND"...
          A 1999 series highlight, of the episode of "The Call", featured the future Justice League under the leadership of Superman battling Starro, the son of Green Lantern & Hawkgirl (who is the new HAWKMAN), and Aquaman's grand-daughter (the daughter of his 1st Son Arthur Jr.). Not only was this a great two-parter, but it served as a testing ground for the Justice League series.
          Full disclosure, the 1999-2003 series had some secrets revealed mostly in season 4. Take for example the last episode, "Seed", described Dana (Terry's girlfriend), who discovered that she's pregnant with Terry's baby boy. Watch out for episodes with the new cast & crew of BATMAN & ROBIN BEYOND...

          Batman And Robin Beyond - Image Results

          The Sons Of Batman
          Damian Wayne is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe. Damian is the child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, and thus the grandson of Batman villain Ra's al Ghul. Terry McGinnis and his little brother; Matt, are also the biological sons of Bruce Wayne and Mary McGinnis (by means of a secret love affair), Mary McGinnis was cheating on her husband, Terry & Matt's stepfather.. Unknown to them at the time....

        • Here we're honoring father and son: COMIC BOOK & CARTOON FANS-

          Batman (Terry McGinnis) One of the sons of Bruce Wayne

          From Wikipedia Renown Writer, and Published Author- Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr.: navigation, search

          Cover to Batman Beyond #9
          Publication information
          Publisher DC Comics
          First appearance Batman Beyond, "Rebirth, Part 1" (ep. 1.01) (aired January 10, 1999)
          Created by Vic Beckles, Paul Dini
          In-story information
          Alter ego Terrence "Terry" McGinnis, or "McGuinnes"- Bruce Wayne/Batman's son, the half brother of Damian Wayne, Bruce's other illegitimate son by Batman's mistress, Talia Al Ghul.
          Team affiliations Justice League Unlimited
          Notable aliases The Dark Knight of Tomorrow
          Abilities Peak human physical condition,
          More Powers derived from a high-tech battle suit,
          skilled martial artist,
          Genius level intelligence
          Terrence "Terry" McGinnis (Batman's son, The Tomorrow Knight, The Dark Knight of Tomorrow, Terry Wayne) is a fictional superhero and the main protagonist of the animated television series Batman Beyond, in which he has succeeded Bruce Wayne, his father as the protector of Gotham City. He is voiced by Will Friedle.

        • Batman (Terry & Matt McGinnis, & Damian Wayne) The Sons of Bruce Wayne/Batman

          From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          Written by Legendary Comic Book Writer, and Book Author:
          Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr., & Andy Kubert

        • Cover to Batman Beyond #9
          Terry was born in Gotham City on August 18, 2023, to Mary McGinnis, and concieved by an affair she had with Bruce Wayne, Her Husband, a research scientist at Wayne-Powers and an astronomer at Astro-Tech respectively. By his own admission, he was once a "bad kid." A member of a street gang run by youthful racketeer Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow, Terry has his fair share of run-ins with the Gotham City Police while in his early teens, even serving a three-month stint in juvenile hall. Years after Batman is last seen, he finds himself on the run from another street gang, the Jokerz, led by Joker's son, who model themselves after his deceased father the Clown Prince of Crime. Terry flees onto the grounds of Wayne Manor, where an aged Bruce Wayne (neither of which-knows that they are father & son), comes to his defense. The strain of the fight places substantial stress on Bruce's heart, and he collapses. Terry helps Bruce into the mansion and gets him his medication; Bruce proceeds to fall asleep afterwards. Before leaving, Terry notices a bat stuck inside a grandfather clock. As he tries to free it he stumbles upon the entrance to the Batcave.
          After Bruce kicks him out, Terry returns home to find his step-father murdered, and later discovers that Derek Powers — who has assumed leadership of a merged Wayne-Powers — is responsible. He seeks Bruce's assistance in bringing Powers down, but despite Terry's insistence, Bruce, still shaken from an ordeal years earlier of having relied on a gun for self-defense, maintains that he has given up the cowl. Terry takes matters into his own hands and steals the latest incarnation of the Batsuit. Bruce admonishes him through the suit's communicator, and even shuts down the suit, leaving Terry helpless in a fight. Terry, however, is able to convince Bruce to help him confront Powers, who ordered Warren's death after the latter discovered Powers' plan to mass-produce biological weapons. In the end, Powers, who has been exposed to his own hazardous chemicals, experiences the onset of his mutation into Blight. Later his son, Paxton takes over the company. Paxton, soon forms a corporate bond with other sons of arch-enemies, like Lex Luthor, Jr., Tank (son of Bane), Devil Ray (son of Black Manta), and Admiral Freeze (the son of Captain Cold). And establish and unorganized crime syndicate, which becomes the building block for the Legion of Doom.
          Convinced that there is still a need for a Batman, Bruce hires Terry as his "personal assistant" and begins secretly training him for his new role as Batman. In addition, Bruce assists Terry in the field primarily by keeping in continual contact with the boy at the Batcave.
          After Powers' criminal identity is revealed to the public and he finally brings retribution to his stepfather's killers, Terry decides to continue his role as Batman to make up for his past sins, in hope that his heroic role is his chance at redemption.


          Bruce Wayne

          Despite his role as the new Batman, Terry leads a very different, far less privileged life than his real father, Bruce Wayne. In addition to coping with his stepfather's death, Terry struggles to keep his secret identity from his mother and younger brother, Matt (who also Bruce's son, and eventually becomes his sidekick, as the new Robin), much like Tim Drake did during his tenure as Robin, who retires from crimefighting, and settles down, with a wife, and three sons in Gotham. Because of his responsibilities as Batman, he is not afforded the same licenses the Robins enjoyed and is expected to be on the call whenever he is needed. As a result, Terry is just barely successful at balancing out his dual life, on several occasions prompting both men to reconsider Terry's reliability.
          Terry and Bruce develop a respect for each other (and eventually discover the truth that, they are father and son), with Terry regarding Bruce as a surrogate father. This is demonstrated in the episode "Sneak Peek" where Terry pays reporter Ian Peek a visit to plead on Bruce's behalf:
          Terry: "I don't care what you do to me, but he doesn't deserve this. He's done too much for this city to wind up in the middle of a media circus."
          Peek: "He means a lot to you, doesn't he?"
          Terry: "Yes... he does."
          In turn, Bruce treats Terry the same way he treated Dick Grayson, who moves on with his life, by marrying "Starfire", and having a son, and Tim Drake, marrying and having children of his own. In time, Terry grows into the cowl, and Bruce grows to accept him as his heir to the Batman legacy. The Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue" reveals that Terry is Bruce Wayne's biological son due to Amanda Waller's "Batman Beyond" project (and discovering that Bruce Wayne was a womanizer, and had several lovers, who bore him children). This twist may be foreshadowed by the Batman Beyond season one episode "Disappearing Inque" when Inque asks Terry, "What is he, your father?" and the season three episode, "Inqueling", when Terry notes that Wayne may be more of a "father figure" than Max realizes. The project causes Terry's stepfather to have his reproductive DNA overwritten and made Bruce's reproductive DNA dominant, a procedure that was costly and unnecessary, since Terry & Matt, was concieved by Bruce & Mary though a secret sexual affair. This makes Bruce Wayne the biological parent of both Terry and his brother Matt, even though the McGinnises adopted them.


          Terry values his mother, Mary McGinnis, and his younger brother, Matt, as the closest family he has left. At the time of his death, Warren, who suspected that she had an affair, was divorced from his wife and Bruce's sons split between them: Terry with his stepfather, Matt with his mother. After the divorce, Terry's relationship with his stepfather is shown in the episode "Rebirth" to be strained. After Warren's death, Terry moves back in with his mother.
          Even though there exists the obligatory spark of sibling rivalry and tough love between him and Matt (who succeeds Tim Drake, eventually becoming the new "Robin"), Terry would be there to raise his brother's spirits when he was feeling down, notably in the episode "Revenant" when Matt reminisces about their stepfather.
          As far as Mary and Matt are concerned, Terry was simply employed by Bruce Wayne to run errands. They found the idea of Terry being Batman to be absurd, and ridiculed him when he once attempted to reveal his secret in the episode "Sneak Peek". But Mary, realizing that Terry would find out the identity of his real father anyway, encourages Terry to keep working for Bruce, so they could get to know each other better.
          His existence was unknown to Batman, until 2006. Genetically perfected, biologically conceived by Batman and Talia, and grown in her womb, Damian was intended to be a formidable warrior. He is raised by Talia and the League of Assassins. He becomes a talented martial artist by the time he is a pre-teen, at which time Talia reveals Damian's existence to his father and leaves him in Batman's custody in an effort to disrupt his work. Precocious, spoiled, and violent, Damian battles Robin (Tim Drake), whom he wants to replace as his father's sidekick, and sucker punches him off the T. rex of the batcave. Grounded by Batman, he escapes, dons a variant Robin costume made of Jason Todd's old tunic (Jason Todd, "Red Hood", turns from a life of crime, and becomes a hero again, as "Red Robin", Tim Drake in his later years takes over the mantle, after coming back from retirement.), and assorted League of Assassin gear, and gets into a fight with and decapitates the villainous Spook. Although misguided and malicious, Damian seems to genuinely want to aid his father's war on crime.
          Eventually, Batman confronts Talia, but both Talia and Damian are soon caught in an explosion. They survive the explosion, but a badly injured Damian requires transplants of harvested organs, which his mother orders her physicians to carry out. He made a full recovery.
          Head of the Demon Talia takes Damian to the Australian Outback where he is tutored in the secret history of his grandfather, Ra's al Ghul. Talia is unaware that a former servant of Ra's, named White Ghost, plans to use Damian as a shell for the soul of Ra's to return to Earth. This process would, of course, hurt Damian. Talia is able to save her son from his fate at the last minute. And kills Ra's and his son, her brother- Able, for conspiring with White Ghost to harm her son.
          However, Ra's is still able to return, as a rotting, shambling undead corpse, still needing Damian to stabilize his form. Damian flees to alert Batman, but he's still pursued by his evil grandfather. Upon entering Wayne Manor, Damian attempts to relay to Robin the fact that Ra's has returned. However, Robin, suspicious of Damian's intentions, does not believe his story and begins a fist fight. Damian flees and encounters Alfred. Before he can effectively relay his news he is attacked by Robin, who perceives Damian's attempt to help a tripping Alfred as an attack, and renews their battle. As they fight, members of the League of Assassins approach the manor with the intention of killing all others within and bringing Damian back to Ra's alive. Damian and Robin (Tim) fight side-by-side against Ra's and his minions. However, their collaboration is hindered by their very different philosophies of battle, not to mention their strong dislike - even hatred - of each other. Damian is willing to betray Tim at any moment for his own safety. Ra's captures the two and tells Batman that he will use one of them for his own body. Batman offers his own body instead.
          Ra's refuses the offer, feeling that he needs someone of a younger age. The choices are Robin or Damian. Batman offers a third alternative: "Fountain of Essence," which contains the qualities of a Lazarus Pit. Batman and Ra's go in search of the fountain, leaving Tim, Damian, Nightwing, Alfred, and Talia to battle the Sensei. Damian leaves his mother and Tim to an unknown fate, while he goes off to be with his father. Unfortunately, he ends up captured by Ra's and nearly loses his life. Batman and the others manage to save him, and Talia takes her son and escapes. Damian, would later grow up years later, and becomes the new Batman, twenty years before Terry dons the mantle.

        • Stephanie Brown as Batgirl.jpg
          Stephanie Brown (a.k.a. The new Batgirl, Robin's Wife, & Mother of his son) is a fictional comic book superhero appearing in books published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #647 and was created by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle.
          The daughter of the criminal Cluemaster, Stephanie originated in 1992 as an amateur crime-fighter called The Spoiler. She later served as the longtime girlfriend, and lover of the third Robin, Tim Drake and in 2009, married him in secret and became his wife, after revealing the she was in fact pregnant with his son. From 2009 to 2011, she was the co-star of the own ongoing Legacy of Robin comic book series.

        • Batman Lee.png

        • barry watson

        • Cousins: Matthew Gagston & Barry Watson Buckle Up (Replacing Christian Bale) To Become The Next Batman & Robin |

        • BEVERLY HILLS, CA - SEPTEMBER 19: Recording Artist Carrie Underwood arrives at the 2011 Ella Awards at The Beverly Hilton hotel on September 19, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

          Carrie Underwood's joins The Batman & Robin (2014) movie cast as the new "Batgirl"...

        • Anne Hathaway To Play Catwoman In Next 'Batman' Movie. Posted Jan 19 via Star Pulse 2012-01-19 16:55:04. Anne Hathaway has beaten competition from Sienna Miller, Matt Gagston & Barry Watson will play the Next 'Batman & Robin', in the upcoming Bat-movies, while carre Underwood will portray 'Batgirl'...

          The Legacy Of Batman & Robin - New Movies & Comic Results :

        • More Details On Upcoming Marvel Superhero Movies | Screen Rant

          EXCLUSIVE: Batman and Robin Movie May Be Next from DC Comics' New 52

        • Batman Lee.png

          The New 52's Batman and Robin may be heading to the big screen
          The New 52's Batman and Robin & "Batman: Under The Red Hood", plus; other upcoming "Batman & Robin" MOVIES WILL BE (Starring Matt Gagston & Barry Watson)may be heading to the big screen

        • Image DetailImage Detail
          Image Detail
          Image Detail

          Batman: Year One, Batman & Robin , Gothum Knights, Batman Triumphet, Batman: Legacy, The Chronicles of Batman, & Batman & Robin: Arkham Asylum,( 2012-2019 film Saga & Cast): Matt Gagston- Batman/Bruce Wayne Joseph Gagston (Matt's Dad)- Thomas Wayne Barry Watson- Robin/Richard Grayson Adam West- Commissioner Gordon Sean Connery- Alfred/Butler Hugh Jackman- The Riddler Terence Stamp - Ra's al Ghul Megan Fox (Matt's Girlfriend, Lover, & Mother of one of his sons)- Talia al Ghul
          Talia al Ghul is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe, the now-estranged daughter of the supervillain Ra's al Ghul, a love interest of Batman, and the mother of his son Damian Wayne, the fifth Robin.
          Jason Connery (Sean's son)- Agent Ford (Alfred's long lost son out to get him back into The C.I.A) Kiefer Sutherland (makes special appearance)- Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, one of Bruce's many friends. Timothy Gagston (Matt's son)- Damian Wayne, the fifth Robin (Batman/Bruce's Son) in movie "Batman: Legacy" The Rock/Dwayne Johnson- Ra's al Ghul's Henchman/Bodyguard Burt Ward- Lt. Bullock
          PLASTIC MAN

          Batman dicovers that he has more than one son, while Robin; Tim Drake, learns that his longtime girlfriend, The Spoiler is pregnant with his son...

          One of the best/most shocking batman moments ever. From Batman & Robin Beyond: Return of the Joker (Upcoming in the year 2015)....

      Upcoming movies, movie news, movietrailers, movies reviews ...

      Another "FREQUENCY" movie

      Frequency (2018) - Movie
      2018 Movie Starring David Duchovny and his Son; Kyd Miller Duchovny
      David Duchovny: Shirtless Independence


      Father Son Legacies: An American Tradition

      Father's DayFather's DayFather's DayFather's Day

      Posted by FamousFathers (and Sons). Fathers Net.

      Famous Fathers and Sons

      Man at gym (Getty Images)

      FamousFathers and Sons:
      FamousFathers (and Sons):
      Reality TV Star and now Movie Actor Vic Iceman Beckles
      Famous Fathers & Sons:

      Image Detail
      Image Detail

      Famous Fathers & Sons:


      Image Detail

      Image Detail

      Image Detail

      Image Detail


    • ...

    • Jack Perrin-West Stoneprice
      Image Detail
      Image Detail

      Fathers and Sons

    • PAGE 2

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      Famous Fathers, Celebrity Sons


      Godzilla (2012)
      Summer 2012 : 11 Comments
      Godzilla (2012)Fans of the classic fire-breathing lizard will be pleased to hear about another Godzilla remake coming in 2012. Will it be in 3D, or what do they have in store for us?
      Dirty Dancing (2013)
      Summer 2013 | No Comment
      Dirty Dancing (2013)A new Dirty Dancing movie is in production, and we have all the new details on this future remake!
      The Lone Ranger (2012)
      Coming August 2012 | Leave a Comment?
      Johnny Depp is starring in this classic tale of the Lone Ranger and Tonto
      Jumper 2
      Coming Late 2011 | Have a comment?
      Jumper 2 is the sequel to the hit (?) 2008 film Jumper, starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson.
      Liberace Movie (2013) Liberace (2013)Matt Damon and Michael Douglas are going to star in a movie about Liberace, and his gay lover
      Dumb and Dumber (2012)
      Coming to theaters July 15, 2011. | Make a Comment
      Dumb and Dumber (2012)Lloyd and Harry are back for another Dumb and Dumber movie, coming in 2012!
      Clash of the Titans 2 (2012)
      Coming March 2012| Have Your Say!
      Clash of the Titans 2 (2012)Probably the most anticipated movie arriving in 2012, Clash of the Titans 2 was recently announced as a go. How many of the previous cast returns, is still unknown, but we do know a few things..
      The Bourne Legacy (2012)
      Coming in 2011 | Your Thoughts?
      The Bourne Legacy (2012)The Bourne Legacy is a whole new chapter set in the same universe as the previous three Bourne films, only this time with a new hero.
      Scary Movie 5 (2011)
      Coming in 2011 | What Do You Think?
      Scary Movie 5 (2011)Scary Movie 5 is, contrary to popular belief, the latest drama from Steven Spielberg. Crazy.
      The Hobbit (2012)
      Sometime in 2012 | Your Thoughts On The Hobbit?
      Finally, The Hobbit is going to be made into a movie, with all the delays.. we are very happy about this movie.
      American Pie 4 (2012)
      Upcoming 2012 Movie | Comment On American Pie 4
      Jim, Stiffler and the orignal gang are back, but this time there could be a baby on the way.
      Top Gun 2 (2012)
      Coming in 2012 | What Do You Think?
      Scary Movie 5 (2011)Another Top Gun movie, but this isn't a remake, and Tom Cruise is indeed in this new Top Gun Movie.
      Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (2012)
      Coming later in 2012 | What Do You Think?
      Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (2012)Ice Age 4: Continental Drift is the fourth entry in the Ice Age series, which will continue the zany adventures of the prehistoric animals.
      Madagascar 3 (2012)
      Later in 2012 | Make a Comment
      Centurion (2011)Madagascar 3 is the (you guessed it) third film in the much beloved (meaning profitable) series about wild animals from that little island off the coast of Africa.…
      Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (2012)
      Later in 2012 | Make a Comment
      Centurion (2011)Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is an animated adaptation of the classic Dr. Seuss book about a lorax who tries to save the forest...
      Mass Effect (2012)
      Coming in 2012 | Have A Comment?
      In this 2012 Movie, the highly successful video game is developed into a movie. The Mass Effect movie will have a few hurdles to cover once it is a movie, namely.. who will play the …
      21 Jump Street (2012)
      Summer 2012 | Have A Comment?
      21 Jump Street (2012)21 Jump Street is a film adaptation of the classic (?) TV show from the 80′s that launched the career of Johnny Depp.
      Popeye (2012)
      Summer 2012 Movie | Your Comment?
      Popeye (2012)Popeye is, in case you're a moron and couldn't guess, another animated adventure in the Popeye the sailor's long history.
      Wonder Woman (2013)
      Spring 2012 Movie | See All Comments
      Wonder Woman (2013)Wonder Woman is an adaptation of the popular comic book character in the DC Universe.

      First Look: ChrisEvans as Captain America & Sabastian Stan as Bucky- To Return in New Marvel Comics Movie "THE WINTER SOLDIER"....

      upcoming marvel films; focusing on the return of Captian America's sidekick: "Bucky", in The Winter Soldier Movies, starring Sabastian Stan.."
      For more, click over to The Hollywood Reporter.

      Bucky (new and improved/endowed with the Super Soldier serum to become a Soviet Invincible Spy) as The Winter Soldier.Image Detail

      Angelina Jolie plays the new "Black Widow"
      Matt Gagston appears in the movie as the evil Super Soldier"Crossbones"
      CAPA016 col.jpg
      Chris Evans Returns As Captain America - in "The Winter Soldier"; to comfort his old partner, after he learns from Nick Fury that Bucky is still alive, and that he knew it all along!!

      GREAT NEW Movies Based on Classic TV Shows & LEGENDARY STARS!!!

      Anita (2014)Movie

      MOVIE ABOUT Anita Baker
      Anita Baker - Rhythm Of Love
      STARRING SINGER; (Brandy Rayana Norwood) "BRANDY" PORTRAYING THE LEGENDAY ARTIST!!Brandy - Right Here (Departed)

      Tutor with student (Thinkstock)

      (2015) Film "Fathers & Sons"; to hit theaters, a movie tribute to Famous Fathers, Sons, & Grandsons.. Chronicling the American Legacy of Fathers & Sons!!!!

      Scream 5 {2012}

      Wes Craven Talks Scream 5 and Scream 6

      Wes Craven talks Scream 5 and 6
      Wes Craven talks Scream 5 and 6
      Wes Craven is finishing up his press rounds for the upcoming horror sequel Scream 4, and the director seems pretty confident that this latest chapter is set to kick off a whole new trilogy. Back in October, Craven revealed that screenwriter Kevin Williamson's initial intension was to create three new movies that tied in with the first trilogy.

      Scream 5 (2012) - MOVIE

      Image DetailImage Detail

      This is a trailer for a horror comedy that is based on the ''Slash'' sequels, with a all-new cast, and twists & turns!! It's out in July 2012, starring Neve Campbell & David Arquette , along with a new cast: Matt Gagston, Lucy Lawless, Linda Carter, Alex Pope, Vic "The Iceman" Beckles, and more...
      Image Detail
      Image Detail

      Riptide (2012) - Movie, Starring Orlando Bloom & Nick Nolte's Son; Brawley Nolte
      Image DetailImage DetailImage Detail
      Image Detail
      Image Detail
      Joaquin Phoenix plays the villian

      Starring Jake Busey
      (Gary Busey's son)-AS Paramedic Roy DeSoto
      Sam Elliott's Son; David Elliott AS Paramedic John Gage

      Man and woman exercising in the park. (ThinkStock)Emergency! Poster





      COMBAT! movie Sarring Matthew Gagston & Leonardo DiCaprio
      Image DetailImage Detail

      It Takes a Thief (2013) Movie - MovieInsider
      Oliver Mundy Continues The Legacy of his Notorious Father- Alexander Mundy...


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